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A Unique Mother, Baby Feeding Experience From Nuk | Simply Natural Bottle Review

Last updated on September 19th, 2017
A Unique Mother, Baby Feeding Experience From Nuk | Simply Natural Bottle Review

This post was sponsored by NUK as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however, all opinions expressed are my own.

Let’s talk about bottles. We all know what they are, so why is choosing one so difficult? There are two parts, a container to hold liquid and a nipple for baby to feed on. Picking one should be easy, grab and go, right?! Unfortunately, that was not the case for our household.

Due to complications, we had to make the tough decision to switch Rayne exclusively to formula at 6 weeks. It has been an experience. She has colic, acid reflux and an upper lip tie which makes some nipple designs impossible for her.

We have tried four different bottle brands and styles in the last 4 months, and we have finally found one that works for us.

When I was presented with the opportunity to try NUK® Simply Natural™ bottles, I wasn’t really sure how they were going to work for our family. I was a little hesitant on introducing yet again, another, bottle to Rayne. I have to say, I am so glad I did.

What Makes NUK Simple Natural Bottles So Unique?

The nipple is unlike any other bottle I’ve encountered.

There are three different flow rates, your standard slow, medium, and fast. What is not so standard are the holes in the nipples. This part kind of blew my mind, but it makes so much sense! The slow flow has three holes, the medium flow has SIX and the fast has NINE. How cool is that? To see it in action check out the video below.

My Favorite Parts Of The Simply Natural Bottle


The Breast Shaped Nipple

The nipple really emulates breastfeeding for Rayne and I love that about this bottle. When a baby nurses they are not getting breast milk from just one hole. Milk is expressed from several different ducts and this nipple design reproduces Mom’s breast effortlessly.

The holes aren’t the only unique part of The Simply Natural nipple design, it is also modeled to be shaped like a breast. Rayne has not had any issues latching on and staying on for the duration of a feed. It is extremely flexible and moves along with her. She is starting to get really curious, especially when her big sister is making a ruckus around the house.


Easy On Little Tummies

The colic vent does its job, making it easy on her tummy. I can tell a huge difference after feedings she is smiley and ready to play. I also don’t have to worry about laying her down in fear that she is going to be in pain 20 minutes later.
It brings me back to breastfeeding, and not having to worry about her swallowing a gallon of air. I wish I would have had these when Jade was little. They would have been a fantastic option when we introduced bottles to her. I can see how the Simply Natural bottles would make transitioning from breast to bottle a no brainer.


Easy To Maintain

One of the other big wins for me is the ease of cleaning. There are only three components: the bottle, the nipple ring/holder and the nipple itself. I am not a fan of dishes and washing a ton of parts, even when those “ton of parts” are going into a dishwasher.

I have not had a single problem with washing them in the dishwasher, I am using the top rack. So far, they’ve come out sparkly and crystal clear after every run which I Love.

Another cool thing is that, the bottle is crafted with Ergonomic Tritan™ making them ordor and stain resistant.  I am always scared to put a bottle in with the other dishes. With the NUK bottles, I do not have to worry about a rogue spaghetti bowl sneaking into the load dying the plastic fire engine red.

The bottle is also BPA free.

Would I Recommend The Bottle?


The next time someone asks me if I have any suggestions for bottles, I am going to be able to say “Yes, yes I do!”


If you’re in need of a bottle set for you (Congratulations!) then definitely snag the Simply Natural bottles or add them to your registry. I can also see this being THE baby shower gift that the Mommy-to-be didn’t know she needed. You can pick up the newborn gift set at Target and Walmart. They also carry packs of 3 bottles in 9oz and 5oz size.

NUK also has Freemie Collection Cups for pumping. I don’t know if you guys have seen these but they are super neat! You can literally shove them in your bra and pump completely hands-free. Snag these on your next trip to Target or Walmart.

If we ever decide to venture on to baby number 3, I know which bottle I will be using, hopefully with breastmilk.

Looking for a breastfeeding friendly bottle? You've never seen a bottle like this! The NUK Simple Natural bottle features a nipple, with up to nine holes. The nipple, shaped to mimic Mom's breast evokes the feeling of breastfeeding. Baby bottles, baby bottle reviews, nuk bottles. Brought to you by IC and Nuk.

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  1. This is such a wonderful post.. my sister is expecting in a few months and is constantly looking up advice on the next steps once the baby arrives. Definitely gonna shar this with her!!

  2. I mainly breastfed my girls. I gave my youngest a bottle when she was a month old, and since she took it with ease I knew she could so I set it aside. Months later when I tried again, she wouldn’t touch it.

    1. Aw, yea that does happen sometimes. A friend of mine, her daughter would not take a bottle if she was anywhere near her. Her husband would have to take the baby out of the room to feed her a bottle.

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