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Has something been driving you CRAZY about blogging?

Are you ready to throat punch Gmail because you just can’t seem to connect your domain email? Is WordPress being a butt and refusing to follow directions? Are hashtags giving you a headache?

I want to know about it!

Blogging comes with a huge learning curve and a TON of ongoing education, at times it’s a bigger pain than a car seat blow-out. You can waste hours opening web page after useless web page and get nowhere! It’s so frustrating!

Google is great and all, but sometimes you just need a direct non-BS answer. Trying to find the PERFECT query that will lead you to your resolution can be maddening.

Let me help! Think of me as your blogging quick-fix and shoot me a message below. Your question(s) could be picked for an in-depth, how-to blog post.

By submitting a question you agree to let Collective Whim use your first name, blog name/URL and question in a blog post

Submit A Blogging Question

Submit A Blogging Question

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