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Save Money Shopping Online & In-store With Cash Back Via Ebates (Ebates Review)

Last updated on October 16th, 2017

The biggest, most expensive shopping season of the year is upon us. For some that is no biggie, for others – it is a pain in the wallet.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas and shopping – I mean what girl doesn’t? What I don’t love is how expensive everything is! As a family on a budget who literally starts saving for the holidays on Dec 26, I am always looking for ways to save money and shop smart.

(If you’re reading this and it’s past the Holiday season, you’re still going to want to stick around to save on your purchases all year long!)

I am going to get the most out of every 100 pennies I spend and I don’t care what it takes for me to do it!

I coupon, I deal hunt, I make saving money my part-time job, and it can be exhausting. If you’re a coupon queen, you know what I am talking about!

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So, when I get handed a tool that requires me to do basically, NOTHING and pays me out in CASH you bet I am all over that.

Save Money While Shopping Online & In-store With Cash Back From Ebates

Ebates is amazingly easy to use and requires a 1/2 a second of your time, so there is no excuse not to use it.

I get people don’t have time to coupon, deal hunt etc. But, I don’t get NOT using Ebates.  They do all the work for you and you’re the one who gets paid.. crazy right?!Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I personally signed up for Ebates last August, just in time for the shopping season and have been using them ever since. I have saved almost $50 total in a just a little over a year and $22 of that was during last November.

These ^ are some of the online shopping purchases that I made during the 2016 Christmas season.

It might not seem like much but, to me, that’s $22 that would have gone to the retailers that I got to spend on ME instead.

Ebates Review: How It Works Online Shopping

Step 1: signup for a FREE account (Psst.. you even get $10 as a Welcome gift you can sign up here).

Step 2: Download an extension for chrome, seen below on the screenshot or you can shop directly through the Ebates website.

Step 3: Shop as you’d normally do. There are no extra steps!

It’s really that easy!

My Personal Ebates Review

I’ve never had any issue with Ebates or the cash back online shopping. They’ve paid me on schedule, I have zero complaints.

Support was great! Earlier this year I was missing a transaction and emailed support and they credited my account the next day. Honestly, I think that was due to an error on my part though. When I first started using them I kept forgetting to activate the Chrome Extension.

So, make sure you do have Ebates active on your shopping trips!

If you’re a visual person watch the featured video above, as I explain the process in more detailed Ebates review and show you how it works.

Ebates Review: How It Works In-Store Shopping

Step 1: signup for a FREE account.

Step 2: Download the Ebates App and login.

Step 3: Add a credit or debit card to your account.

Step 4: Link deals to your card.

Step 5: Shop with the card in stores.

My Ebates Review In-store Shopping

I’ve yet to use this in-store cash back option as it’s pretty new and even I am a little bit wary about linking my credit/debit card. (You do not have to link your card to use it for online shopping)

I haven’t heard anything bad about it, so if in-store shopping is more your thing then for sure give it a try. I can tell you that Ebates is a reputable company and they have an A+ on the BBB website and they’ve been in business for 18 years. So, I don’t think they are going to steal your info.

For now, I will stick to using Ebates for online shopping. I may give it a go over the 2017 Holiday season and if I do I’ll update this post.

Cash Back On Purchases

Ebates offers cash back on purchases from over 2000 retailers and the rate is always fluctuating.

During the peak holiday season, I have seen 10, 12 and even 15% cash back offers. You can even use these offers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. There are not any “blackout days”.

When you download the Chrome extension Ebates will automatically notify you what percentage cashback is available from that retailer.

If you do not download the extension, you will need to go the Ebates website and click on a retailer, which will then redirect you to that specific retailer’s website.

From there you shop as normal!

After your purchase is complete and has processed you’ll get a cash back an alert email telling you how much you saved and it will be banked in your Ebates account until it’s time for the quarterly payout.

How Payout Works

You get your cash back payments every 3 months, as long as your balance is over $5

Payment Schedule 2017

 PERIOD              SENT
Jan 1 – Mar 31      May 15
Apr 1 – Jun 30       Aug 15
Jul 1 – Sep 30        Nov 15
Oct 1 – Dec 31       Feb 15

You can either get a check mailed to your house, or you can opt to get paid via PayPal. I do the PayPal payments as they are quicker.

And Yes, they do pay! Here’s my Ebates payout from Christmas 2016.

If you plan on shopping online or even instore, ever, then go ahead and signup for an account! It’s like a mini Christmas every 3 months with money being handed to you!

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  1. I signed up years ago and forgot all about using this tool. Thanks for the reminder, especially since I do the lions share of my shopping online!

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