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The Get Me Pregnant Trying To Conceive List

Last updated on February 19th, 2018
The Get Me Pregnant Trying To Conceive List

The “Get Me Pregnant” Trying To Conceive List

Woot Woot! You and your partner have finally decided it’s time to try and conceive your little bundle of joy! Let me be one of the first to say congratulations and wish you a speedy BFP (big fat positive) as well as a H&H9 (Happy and healthy 9 months)!

I’d also like to invite you to join the brand new PRIVATE Conceive A Baby [Trying To Conceive Support] Facebook Group! A place to get help, tips, vent and connect with other women who are going through the TCC process.

Trying to conceive can be fun *wink wink*, exhilarating and …. exhausting.

The questions, the tests, the dreaded 2WW (Two-week wait) and the anxious feeling we all get waiting to see those double lines can drive a girl crazy! Trust me, I know!

When we decided to try and conceive our first daughter it was after an unplanned pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

I was determined to get pregnant, frantic, really. I spent hours searching the trying to conceive forums, reading article after article and trying to justify taking a pregnancy test in the middle of my period. (See – crazy).

It ended up taking us 7 months to conceive, my now 5-year-old. On my 6th cycle, I ran across a plan called SMEP and by my next cycle I was pregnant. With our second daughter, we once again used SMEP and I ended up pregnant on the very first cycle.

What I would not have given that first go around for someone to have plopped a box in my lap and said “Start here! This is everything I used on my trying to conceive journey.”

That’s what I want to do for you! 

I’ve put together the “Get Me Pregnant” Trying To Conceive List packed with what, I think are the essentials to get you started or aid in your trying to conceive journey.

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1 ♥ A GOOD Prenatal Vitamin (NO GUMMIES!)

I recommend Rainbow Light Prenatal (One-A-Day) or Garden of Life Raw Prenatal (3-A-Day) (they both offer Organic Prenatals as well a Rainbow Light Organic(4-A-Day) and Garden of Life Organic(One-A-Day). They are both FOOD based vitamins meaning they break down fruits and vegetables and do NOT USE processed gmo-man-made synthetic vitamins or minerals. They are also vegan, gluten-free has probiotics and does not have any artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners!

You want to AVOID gummy vitamins. I know they taste good and the idea is nostalgic but, if you sit down and compare say the Rainbow Light ingredients to a prenatal gummy you’re missing out on so many important nutrients. Some gummy vitamins even lack iron.

2 ♥ Cheap, but Accurate Ovulation/Pregnancy Tests

Seriously ladies – don’t spend $10, $15 – $20!!! On tests! Sometimes I think these pregnancy test companies are just laughing us to the bank. When I was trying to conceive I would go through 10+ pregnancy tests a month. I was testing with ovulation strips 2 times a day to catch my LH surge and I did not have to feel guilty because I was spending PENNIES on each test.

I recommend either Clinical Guard or Wondfo for ovulation and pregnancy tests. I can get 50 Clinical Guard tests for under $13, that is 24 CENTS a test!!

3 ♥ A Trying To Conceive/Period Tracking App

Getting to know your body is imperative. You only have 12 CHANCES  a year to get pregnant. Crazy right!? With the user of an app you can really get to know your body and your cycle. I recommend Glow and Ovia, both have amazing features and are great for trying to conceive couples.

4 ♥ A Support System

Talk – talk to other women who are going through the same thing as you! Join in forums, facebook groups like Conceive A Baby and learn and talk. No question is silly, and there is someone out there that can relate exactly to what you’re going through. Having support is invaluable.

These are just some of the things that I find are a must-have when trying to conceive. Wishing you a speedy BFP!


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  1. Trying to conceive was a serious issue for us, as my wife has endometryosis. After our first daughter we actually thought we were done. But, thank God, after 9 years we got a boy. And another year later we actually got a second daughter. Life is good.

    1. That’s awesome! Congratulations! TTC is such a struggle for a lot of couples and the emotional turmoil is real. I remember going into our first child thinking everything would play out and it would be no time at all, I didn’t need opks, etc as it was as easy as spending some 1-on-1 time with my partner.

      Then the first month went by, and the third and the fifth and it just wasn’t happening for us. My poor hubby, I was “focused”, consumed, really and he ended up feeling unwanted during the whole process. We are going to start TTC #3 soon and even with our previous experiences I am dreading it a little – the emotional side of it.

  2. Such a great kit to have! I SO could have used this when we were TTC our first kiddo. I was obsessed with ALL of these things!!

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