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Tossing Expired Kohls Cash? STOP! It Could Still Be Redeemable

Last updated on December 7th, 2017
Tossing Expired Kohls Cash? STOP! It Could Still Be Redeemable

As of 12/07/2017, this information is still accurate!

As a Kohls-a-holic and a frugal shopper, nothing irritates me more than when I accidentally let Kohls Cash expire!

To me, expired Kohls Cash is pretty much the equivalent of tossing a $10 bill into the garbage disposal. There’s such a tiny window that it can be used, with two kids and a school schedule it’s easy to forget.

Before this past weekend, and for years, I ASSUMED that once you hit that end date deadline my Kohls Cash was dead. My $10 was gone, and nothing was going to bring it back. *insert sob here*

I was WRONG!

Expired Kohls Cash – The Discovery

This past week my Mother came into town due to Hurrican Irma.

With her, she brought $20 in expired Kohls Cash. Due to all the prep for Irma, she was unable to spend it before it went to Kohls Cash land.

Saturday, while we were out shopping she made a comment about how she was upset that she’d missed the redemption window and how it was such a waste of money.

I had read several articles about companies being lenient with payments etc due to Irma, so I thought it was worth a shot to ask Kohls if they’d take the expired cash.

I found out something even better!

You can redeem expired Kohls Cash, in-store up to 10 Days past the expiration date. 10 DAYS!


AND that is a year-round policy, not just for special circumstances. Imagine my surprise, glee, and overall excitement at hearing this, pretty close to what you’re feeling now if this is news to you as well.

Then imagine my horror, frustration, and despair when I realized 10 seconds later how much expired Kohls Cash I have THROWN AWAY over the years.  All that wasted money!

I do want to add that even the cashier, who checked us out was not aware of this policy as an employee of the company.

Your next question may be… “How did you find this out?”

My Mother was pretty apprehensive about going into the store to ask about the expired cash, so I decided to call customer service phone number. (If you decide to call select option 2, and then select option 3 for Kohls Cash)

Right there, in the recorded audio, the nice robot lady told me that, although you can NOT use expired Kohls Cash online, you CAN use it in-store for up to 10 days past the expiration date.

Now, I can not guarantee they aren’t going to change this policy, but as of 12/07/2017 if you have expired Khols Cash in the 10-day window go spend it!


Now, that you know you can still use expired Kohls Cash don’t forget to share it with friends and family!

Don't be so quick to trash that expired Kohls Cash you may still be able to use it, even after the expiration date! Kohls cash, kohls rewards, shopping at kohls, redeeming kohls cash.

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    1. Call (855) 564-5705 it’s Kohls customer service and then select option 2, and then select option 3 for Kohls Cash.

      1. Thank you, thank you! I just realized that I had $15 that expired yesterday! I was determined not to throw them away, so I began googling and found YOU! Your directions on calling were perfect! I’m going to Kohl’s this weekend! Thank you again!

        1. Me too!! My $15 expired on the 6th. Going in tomorrow with a new 30% off coupon and my expired Kohl’s cash! Thanks Jackie for the tip!

  1. That’s a really helpful tip, thank you for sharing! I haven’t been to Kohl’s in awhile, but that Kohl’s cash is an awesome incentive to go there!

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