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A 100% Breathable Crib Mattress By Newton Baby

A 100% Breathable Crib Mattress By Newton Baby

The  Must-Have Breathable, 90% AIR Newton Baby Crib Mattress

A big thank you to Newton Baby for providing me, and my little one with the AMAZING Newton Crib Mattress for review.
All opinions are my own and unbiased. 

One of my biggest parenting fears with having an infant in the house is SIDS.

SIDS plagues new and experienced parents and when you find something that can help ease that worry it’s worth sharing. So, today I am doing just that and sharing what I’ve found in the Newton Crib Mattress, added peace of mind and one less worry.

When both of my children were infants, I found myself constantly checking on them while they slept, to make sure they were still breathing.

I’d wake up panicked in the middle of the night, especially when my kids first started rolling over. The fear of their precious little faces being smashed into the crib mattress, unable to breath is a horrifying thought for any parent.

With Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress you don’t even have to give it a second thought, and to me, that’s PRICELESS!

What Makes Newton Baby’s Crib Mattress Different?

  • It’s a 100% BREATHABLE crib mattress
    • Made with 90% free air & 10% food-grade polymer. You can literally smash your face in it and still breath through it! No more night time panic attacks worrying about baby being suffocated from sleeping on their face.
  • It’s 100% Washable
    • Unzip the snug fitting sheet, throw it in the wash and then you can put the whole crib mattress core in the shower for a rinse!
  • It’s foam-free, latex-free, spring, glue and allergen free!
    • There’s no nasty plastic smell to it and you don’t have to worry about your baby breathing in leftover chemical fumes.
  • It’s environmentally friendly
    • Being made out of food-grade polymer it is 100% recyclable.
  • No need for a Mattress protector
    • Because it’s washable you do not have to worry about buying a mattress protector, which are lined with thick plastics offering no way for baby to breath.
  • Amazing reviews
    • With over 300 combined reviews from Amazon and the Newton Baby website, the Newton Crib Mattress has a 4.5 out of 5-star overall rating. You’re never going to make every single person happy but I wholeheartedly think this crib mattress should hold 5 stars!

When you look at traditional crib mattress that are full of springs, foams and covered in plastics they don’t stand a chanced against the Newton Crib Mattress!

My Newton Crib Mattress Review

We’ve been using the Newton Crib Mattress for about two weeks now and Rayne and I love it!

When we first got it I was a little skeptical about the claim stating you can shove your whole face into and still breath comfortably. But, to my skeptics’ surprise, it held true!

Not only is Ryane sleeping better and taking longer naps, I now have peace of mind and no longer wake up several times a night worried about her sleeping face down and suffocating.

I WISH that I would have had this when Jade was a baby! Being my first child I could not make it through naptime without freaking out – I barely slept at night between her wakeups and my own.

It was heavier than I expected since it’s made with mostly air, I thought it was going to be like feather light.

The crib mattress does not have ANY chemical smell! Rayne’s starter mattress was a memory foam of sorts and I had to let it air out for days and even now it still holds it’s smell.

The sheet that comes with it zips around it so you don’t have to worry about loss edges, or baby pulling the sheet off. You can buy an extra sheet from Newton Baby for fast change outs.

I did try a standard crib sheet on it to see if it would work and it does, but I do prefer the zipper sheet as Rayne is getting older and was starting to pull the other crib sheet up.

We have a standard sized crib and it fits snuggly inside. I have no doubt that this mattress will hold up over time. We plan on using it when Rayne gets a toddler bed and possibly baby #3 if we decided to expand our family.

All-in-all I definitely recommend it!

To find out more about the Newton Crib Mattress you can visit them at

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  1. I love that baby products are getting safer and safer! Mine is out of the crib now (well, she was never really in it but she is past crib age). I am still paranoid about mattresses and pillows and such, though. I wish this came in a twin size!!

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