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Hiya, I’m Jacqui

Blogging Solopreneur. Foul Language Connoisseur. Girl Mom.
Lover of Smutty Books & Tattoos. Visual, kinesthetic Learner.

I am a thirty-something Mom to two girls (Jade 5 and our newest addition Rayne born Oct 2016). I rarely leave my house for non-errand duties and drink a lot of coffee. I LOVE tattoos and self-expression, I also enjoy swearing (responsibly of course), reading, and wine in my kid free time.

I have been a work at home/stay a home Mom for about 6 years now. I love it, I hate it.. I would not change it. I started blogging about 3 years ago to get some much-needed adult interaction. I have dabbled in about every niche and decided to settle in them ALL. I know, you may be thinking – but, that is breaking every single blogging rule.

I like my rules like my yoga pants – stretchy.

About  Collective Whim

Parenting. Pregnancy. Frugal Living. Product Reviews. Recipes. Blogging. Mom Life.

Welcome to Collective Whim!

Here you’ll find two blogs rolled into one. Yep, you read that right (I am really breaking the “rules” here!).

Collective Whim is an eclectic collection of posts that pertain to life in the Mother Lane, but it is also home to Blog At Home Mom.

If it’s related to pregnancy, babies, raising a family, basically everything Motherhood I talk about it. If it’s related to blogging, social media, WordPress, making an income at home, then I talk about it!

For a while, I was running two blogs – one dedicated to helping women learn how-to blog and start their own business. The other, your “typical” Mom blog. Here’s the thing; blogging is WORK and I do not have enough time to manage two blogs, take care of my little ones and keep the house from looking like a carnival threw up in it.

Long story short, I started Collective Whim so I could continue to pursue both my passion for Motherhood and that of helping women build a profitable blogging career.

I am here to prove that you do NOT have to choose a Niche.

About Blog At Home Mom

Blogging. Vlogging. WordPress. Social Media. Video Tutorials.
learn how-to blog, designed for visual learners

A blogging resource for people that need a little more than just your average written how-to blog guide!

Blog At Home Mom was created to help other visual learners spend less time combing through Google and YouTube for help, and more time on what’s important, content!

If you’re like me, reading a guide on how-to do something, no matter how well it is written just doesn’t do it. Sure, we can figure it out, but it usually takes two times longer to process, compared to watching a short video tutorial.

I love video tutorials and hope you do too because that’s what you’re going to get here. Easy to follow how-to blog guides with step-by-step instructions.

I invite you to pop open a browser tab, set the window to split screen and follow along.

My Blogging History

My blogging journey started a little over three years ago, and it’s been a non-stop adventure ever since.

Over the years, I have picked up some valuable “blogging lessons” including how-to work with brands, how-to grow an audience and drive traffic to your website and how-to make money from a blog.

All of which, I put to the test in an experiment I conducted in January of 2017. Sort of a put up or shut up type of thing for me.

The goal was to take a brand new website and land a PAID sponsored post worth $200+ within 30 days of launching.

I met that goal on day 29. Talk about cutting it close, but hey I did it!

I am not going to say it was easy, magic or act like I didn’t spend 40+ hours before launch to get there. I am all about transparency, and that’s what you’re going to get on VixenExecs.

I will say that it felt damn good seeing that email in my inbox welcoming me to the campaign.

I don’t believe in sugar coating the work that is involved with creating, maintaining and building a successful blog.

In fact, one of my biggest blogging pet peeves is when people, *cough* other bloggers put out posts like: “Start a blog in  15 minutes, You too can be rich over night!”. I am going to tell you right now that is 100%, absolute, B to the S, bullshit. Those are people that are looking to make affiliate sales. #truth

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort I can teach you how-to grow your blog and turn it into something you and your family can thrive on.




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